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Naturists are Heroes


Naturists are heroes, and it’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. Participating in nude recreation is an act of heroism. The following are some reasons why naturists are heroes:

1. Naturists challenge the notion that nudity is only sexual. As any naturist can tell you, just being naked is not sexual or leads to sexual thoughts. Being naked is just natural and an expression of being human.

2. Naturists were pioneers in allowing nudity to be portrayed in print media. Early nudist magazines were considered obscene and couldn’t be mailed by the U.S. Postal Service. However, a later Supreme Court ruling found that nudist magazines were not obscene under the Roth test for obscenity. This led to other publications like Playboy to be published.

3. Naturism supports gender equality. Naturists support topfreedom and the right of mothers to breastfeed their children in public. Naturists believe that women should have the same rights as men and should be able to be nude without being labelled as a “slut” or harassed.

4. Naturism is pro-environment. Naturists try to live in harmony with nature through nudity. Naturists fight against global warming, pollution, and help keep beaches and parks clean. Plus the naturist lifestyle is more carbon neutral, in that we use less electricity (air conditioning) and water (washing clothes).

5. Naturism advocates realistic body image. Naturists believe in a more realistic view of how people really look. There is no such thing as the perfect body. Everyone is beautiful and human beings. Class, money, and status all disappear when you’re naked.

So nude people, you’re heroes. Your beliefs make the world a better place. Your nakedness makes you more human.

The Reason Why

A nude woman in public free of fear, shame, or stigma

A nude woman in public free of fear, shame, or stigma

I was brainstorming on why women don’t have equality in society.

In the U.S. women make 19% less than their male counter parts. 1 out of 6 women will be sexually assaulted within their lifetime.  In many parts of the world women can’t vote or own property.  Women are little more than chattel, slaves to their husbands.  In Saudi Arabia women aren’t allowed to drive.  Women are subjected to criticism about their appearance that males aren’t subjected to.  And in most parts of the world women can’t be topless and men can.

What is the reason for this?  All of my conclusions didn’t yield any new insights.  The only thing that made sense is that society (men) are afraid of women.  That’s right, men fear women.  Why else would we do everything to control them and hinder their freedom.

But why do we fear women?  Well, women can do one thing that men can’t, women create life.  Yes, males assist in the creation process, but it’s women who nurture and bring forth life.

Another thing that men are fearful of is women’s sexuality.  Women’s sexuality is a complete mystery to men.  And what you don’t understand you either fear it or attempt to control.

The female body is another aspect of society’s trepidation of women.   Women’s bodies are a threat, something to be covered up.  In some cultures the only visible part of a woman’s body is her eyes.  Female nudity is forbidden and stigmatized.  A nude woman is either a slut or out to destroy community morality.  Breasts, the symbol of life and fertility, are to be covered up at all costs.

The countries that allow women to be topless are also the countries that have the best records on women’s rights.  I feel that nudity equals equality.  And if female nudity were de-stigmatized, a lot of psychological baggage would disappear.

Men must get over their fear of women.  Women are human beings and deserve to be treated with full equality.  Our mothers, daughters, and sisters deserve to be full partners in society.

The Benefits of Naturism

398px-Nudists_at_Formentera_beach_0240I had to take a business road trip and drive to San Diego.  The weather was cold and the road was wet with intermittent rain.  I chose to drive to San Diego by taking the route that goes through Riverside County.  As I drove, I passed two notable nude recreation sites, first Glen Eden Resort and later Black’s Beach.

As I drove, I started to daydream of warm summers and nude bliss.  That’s when I thought of all the benefits naturism has gifted me through the years.  The following are some of those benefits:

1. A cure for my light psoriasis.  The sunlight and fresh air have done wonders for my skin and reduced rashes due to allergies and psoriasis.

2. Improved my posture.  When you’re clothed, you can’t see your hips through the clothes.  When I’m naked, I can easily align my shoulders with my hips.

3. An increased respect for women.  Naturism has taught me that women aren’t sex objects.  I can now look past society’s conditioning and see people on a whole new level.  We are not our body parts, we are total beings with aspirations and ideas.

4. A connection with indigenous people around the world. Naturism as created a kinship with indigenous people and their way of life.  Many of these people live in cultures where no one wears clothes.  Their way of life is proof that nudity is not sexual, just normal.

5. Increased confidence, better self-esteem.  Being a naturist has increased my self-confidence, once your nude with other people, other things in your life become easier.  Naturism gets you out of your shell, in more ways than one.  Also I have a bad body self image, a self hate.  Naturism has taught me to like my body.  Once you accept yourself, you can accept other people.

6. A stress release.  After a long day, driving more than 400 miles, getting nude is a quick stress release.  I can breathe again.  Stress causes disease and shortens your life.  So getting naked may save your life.

Naturism is more than just getting naked.  Naturism can benefit your life and your soul.