Why? (A Question for Non-Naturists)

If our own bodies are "wrong" then all is lost.

                                                      If our own bodies are “wrong” then all is lost

I was driving down the street, on a very hot day, and thought to myself “why?” Why is the nude body so offensive? Why is nudity so shocking? How is someone injured by seeing someone naked?

Is it because nudity causes sexuality? Maybe in Western cultures, but most indigenous people live in the nude without it being sexual. To indigenous people, nudity is just an everyday thing.

Is it like religious leaders say, nudity causes lust, and seeing a naked person causes people to lose self-control. I thought about that too, but I can control my own sexuality and so can most people. Plus there have been many times where I’ve been attracted to someone and never saw them naked. Also this argument is moot because it makes people out to be little more than animals that can’t reason.

Is nudity a sin? But if I’m made in the image of my creator (like a lot of religions say), how can my mere nakedness be a sin? What is more sinful: physically hurting other people or walking naked down a nude beach? What is more sinful are bad ways we treat each other, i.e. murder, rape, poverty, and hate.

I couldn’t find an answer to my questions. Then I realized I was asking the wrong person, me. I have no problem with nudity and seeing someone naked is kind of a ho-hum moment. So I ask you my readers: why is mere nudity such a bad thing? I understand that the majority of my readers are naturists and nudists. But I would like to hear from non-naturists/nudists as to why nudity is wrong. Please pass this article to your non-nude friends and ask their opinion.

15 thoughts on “Why? (A Question for Non-Naturists)

  1. johnkutensky

    It’s taboo. People’s reactions to things aren’t necessarily logical. Look at how easily someone’s frightened by a spider that would never hurt them. Many people are taught their whole lives that nudity is bad and that part of their value is a person depends on other people not seeing them naked, and they internalize it, I think. If people just got accustomed to nudity growing up, I don’t think it would ever occur to them to make a big deal about it.

  2. nudeyman

    I have found that when I ask people what the issue is with non sexual nudity they can’t answer what the issue… instead they reply “because that’s how we are raised” or “just because”

    They get really frustrated at me and walk off when I ask what will happen if a child see’s a naked person… will they be made into sex freaks? again they can’t answer and throw their hands up in the air and walk off.

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    1. Rick

      Some clothing, such as swim wear draws your attention to what it covers, arousing your curiosity even though you know what’s under it.

  5. thecrystalmichelle

    I agree with the other commentors! I think that it is just a taboo. We as a society have been taught that it is wrong. Me personally, I hate clothes. However, you wouldn’t catch me in public nude!

  6. pipermac5

    Speaking as a recent “ex-textile”, I can certainly say that I was “raised that way”. I grew up as an only-child, in a conservative Christian home. My dad went to a hyper-conservative Baptist university, and then to an ultra-conservative Presbyterian seminary. He was ordained as a pastor when I was 12. The ONLY persons allowed to see me naked were my parents, and even that ended when I turned 13. I was rarely, if ever taken to see a doctor by my parents.

    When I was about 8, I gouged my arm open on a rusty nail at a friend’s house. His parents took me to a doctor to get that taken care of. I also needed a tetanus shot, and it is hard to believe HOW relieved I was that I could get that shot in my arm, rather than in my bottom.

    I kind of wanted to play sports in high school, but that would have required a dreaded sports-physical, besides the whole locker-room scene. It was much “safer” to play in the band…

    As I got a bit older, I was taught that the ONLY woman allowed to see me naked was my wife. Fortunately the military physicals were “male-only” events. I was hired by an out-of-state company right out of college, and since I couldn’t get the pre-employment physical in their facility, they sent the forms to me. The only doctor I was acquainted with was my wife’s doctor, a 40-something year old lady, so she made an appointment for me. Thankfully my wife also went with me. The physical went fine until it got time for the “down-there”, however she must have sensed my trepidation, and only asked us if everything was “okay”. My wife and I both nodded “yes”.

    I managed to dodge female doctors for the next 30 years, and only had a couple of incidents where female doctor’s office staff saw me in a “compromising manner”. That changed when I started having urinary-tract issues, and was assigned to a female urologist at the VA. She treated me with dignity and respect, which helped alleviate my shyness. I have now had a female urologist for over five years.

    Becoming a naturist has revolutionized my health care. Just a few days ago, I saw two female dermatologists about a problem “down there”, and yes, they saw and examined it all.

    Overcoming my prudish upbringing, both religious and parental, was a difficult journey, but it has been well-worth the trip.

  7. john durkee jr

    I think it has something to do with Adam & Eve and the apple from the Bible.And people seem to act on that.


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