Naked woman meditating outdoors on grassI used to believe that posting nude photos detracted from the message of naturism.  However, after much consideration, I believe that seeing non-sexual nudity is actually beneficial.  If there is nothing wrong with the nude human body then why be apprehensive of display it?  To that end I created a Tumblr page to show examples of nudity.  No porn, just nude.

But what about exploitation?  What if people view these images and only see a sexual connotation?  Well that’s their problem and sickness.   When I see a nude person, I see another human being like myself.

Asian American Naturist Tumblr

2 thoughts on “Tumblr

  1. Happy Bare

    I with you on this, and like you I have a Tumblr site too. I do not post porn, and I make sure that I post an equal amount of photos of men and women, of young and old, of fit and not so, and of all races and types. I avoid girly pics and photos of people who aren’t nudists (uneven tans). I try to portray nudists doing everyday thing as well. If more normal nudity is portrayed in the media, there will be less invasion of porn into our life style,


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