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Image Gender Imbalance


                                                              Different parts, but both human

I received a comment on my post “Why? (A Question for Non-Naturists)” that sparked some thoughts on nude photos and gender:

“Wouldn’t be too bad if it was a man’s penis on show!!! It seems it’s always the women on show, wonder why?! Want to see more naked men please!!” -The Savvy Senorita

At first glance I thought she was talking about my blog.  I try to post equal amounts of nude male photos and female nude photos.  But as I re-read Savvy Senorita’s comments, she was speaking in more general terms.  Why is it we see more female nudity than male nudity in the media?

I could remember a time when you never saw a male fully naked in movies.  Sure, you saw bare buttocks, but never full frontal nudity.  Showing a penis was an automatic X-Rating, even if it was flaccid.  The only nudity that was acceptable was female nudity.  This has evolved over the years, but you still see more female nudity than male nudity in the movies and photography.

But why is this?  The following are some reasons why female nudity is more prevenient:

  1. Men still call the shots.  Sad but true, most of the movie studios are run by men, most of the media companies are run by men, and most of Silicon Valley is run by men.
  2. Women have a long history of being sex objects.  Western culture is based on exploiting women.  Until recently it was acceptable to sexually harass women in the workplace.  It was all right to demean women sexually and still is.
  3. Art has made female nudity more palpable.  Let’s face it, there is more works of art that portray nude females than nude males.

I’m a naturist and I find both male and female nudity to be equally beautiful.  Nothing is more beautiful than another human being.  The reason why things are the way they are is because of antiquated thought processes.  If we’re to grow and evolve, we must set aside our past conditioning and create a new way of thinking.

How to be Successful in Naturism


Naturism is a wonderful way to live.  Nudity is bliss.  However, to the newbie nudie, it can be daunting to take the first steps.  The following are some of my tips to make nude recreation and life more enjoyable.

1. One of the most difficult things for a new naturist is where to look.  I’ve seen and been the new naturist that stares at the ground the whole time.  My advice is to look at people’s faces.  Make eye contact.  People talk to each other while making eye contact.  Having a conversation nude is the same as having a conversation clothed.  It would be weird if you stared at someone’s groin while talking to them, the same is true clothed or nude.  My advice is to treat being nude as being clothed in regards to how you look at people.

2. Understand that nudity is not an invitation for sexual activity or sexual harassment.  I remember a time when I was at a nudist club where I observed a guy staring at a nude female who was sunning herself near the pool.  His gaze was so intense that it was like a laser beam coming from his eyes.  He later walked over to her and sat next to her, closely edging himself closer each time.  But to the female’s credit she ignored him.  I later reported the incident to the office, but he had already left.  When the manager spoke to the female guest, she said that she didn’t report him because she was used to jerks like that.  And that it was his hangup if he wanted to act that way.  The woman didn’t allow him to destroy her day.  I use this example to illustrate that just because someone is naked doesn’t mean it’s sexual and that people have a right to enjoy nudity without harassment.

3. If you’re going to a nude beach or resort, do your homework.  Research the place before going there.  For nude beaches, some nude beaches have shaky legal status.  You don’t want to get arrested or ticketed for being nude.  For resorts and clubs it’s important to call ahead before visiting.  Each club or resort has different rules.  Some clubs require a background check before visiting, while others do not admit single males, and some clubs require you to be a member of a national naturist/nudist organization like AANR or TNS.  Bottom line call ahead, ask questions, and follow the rules.

4. Be friendly but not too friendly.  Be sociable.  But be wary to respect people’s space.  Learn to read body language.  A person lying on a lawn chair with their eyes closed may not appreciate you striking up a conversation.  Also not talking to people and propping yourself under a tree, in a isolated part of the club, also looks weird. Strike a balance between being a wallflower and a gadfly.

5. Leave the iPad, laptop, or camera at home.  Technology has brought the camera everywhere.  I can tell you horror stories of people using their cellphone and suddenly being accused of taking people’s picture, and then being falsely thrown out of a club.  I’d leave all electronics in your car or in your bag.  And if you have to use your phone, point the camera away from people.  After people get to know you, they’ll relax, but newbies are always under suspicion.

6. Always have a towel.  I don’t know of a naturist club that would admit you if you didn’t have one.  In fact have multiple towels.  One for sitting on, a large one to lay on, and a towel to dry yourself after swimming.  

7. Be prepared.  Sunscreen?  Water?  ID? Money?  Is there a snack bar?  Do they take credit cards? Sunglasses?  I once went to a nudist club with no shoes, in the height of summer, my feet were burned by the end of the day.

8. Erections.  I have never had a problem with this.  In fact you’re going to experience the opposite to put it mildly.  You’re going to be too nervous to have an erection.  But if you do have an erection, don’t draw attention to it.  If you’re laying down, roll over on your stomach etc.  After awhile, and more experience, this will not be a concern.

Naturism is a premier experience, something to be relished.  May my tips be helpful to you.