You’re Probably Not a Naturist If……


The following are things that probably mean you’re not a naturist.  Instead of a long drawn out rant, extending for many pages, I’ve decided to keep it short.  In no particular order:

1. You’re probably not a naturist if your social media pic/avatar is a crotch shot.  Making your Twitter pic a picture of your genitals is as exciting as a closeup picture of your elbow or nose.

2. You’re probably not a naturist if your social media name is “long dong” or “sexy swinger.”

3. You’re probably not a naturist if you yammer constantly in naturist and nudist forums about genital shaving.  Shaving is a personal choice, but constantly talking about it is a dead giveaway of “other” intentions.

4. You’re probably not a naturist if your “naturist” blog is just full of nude pictures of young women, or worse children.

5. You’re probably not a naturist if you ogle, gawk, or stare at someone nude. Staring at the crotch or breasts of a nude person is, well, just rude.  People look each other in the eye when talking to each other, the same is true when having a conversation with a nude person.

6. You’re probably not a naturist if you’re in nude recreation just to look at naked people.  I’m a naturist for myself, not for others.  Naturism to me is a personal quest that involves me being naked with others or by myself.  Those with “other” intentions become quickly apparent.

I probably forgot other things that probably mean you’re not a naturist.  What are your examples?

16 thoughts on “You’re Probably Not a Naturist If……


    LOL! Perfect! Shared this around here and there, and will feature it on our website. Many people have attempted to define ‘You’re a naturist if…’ but this is MUCH easier to grasp! It’s not so difficult to figure out, really, but sometimes we obsess on defining ‘what is’ instead of ‘what isn’t’. Yeah. not caring about nudity defines a naturist much better than trying to explain why we DO care about nudity. Actually, the fact that nudity isn’t important is what defines us. Good job!

  2. nudeyman

    You’re probably not a Naturist is you ask a Naturist where a beach is that has lot’s of hot women…. been asked this a couple of times by guys at work who profess to be partake in the lifestyle 😦

  3. Larry Holman

    This was really great. The definition of a nudist/naturist is becoming more difficult to understand due to all the wrong things being put out under the words of nudism an naturism for example, porno sites that uses the words nudism and naturism for their sites. I wish there was more sites and blogs that promoted nudism and naturism in a more positive way.

  4. Teifion

    Gosh I’m a naturist! 🙂 Never though of myself as one as I just enjoy sunbathing and walking in the surf without any clothes, never joined a group, never thought why should I take my clothes off on a nudists night at the local pool, or dance, or ball game on a coolish day in the UK 🙂

    1. Joelle

      Thanks for adding in the “more than likely” because I have called to ask at a resort if there are a good number of women so I don’t feel weird. I wouldn’t want to be the only single female at a textile event either.

      1. Paul Andreassen

        As the organiser of the Skinnydipper Recreation Club events, I frequently get calls like this, almost entirely from men whom I suspect are insecure in their sexuality. I think they are tending to think too much about gender and forget that naturism is about being without clothes. If they were going out with buddies to a beer and pool night, they wouldn’t think anything at all about the fact that they are surrounded by other men. I think they need to grow a little, perhaps. Anyway, thats just my amateur psychology. May not mean anything at all. 🙂

  5. JohnO

    You’re probably not a naturist, if your main complaint about going to a nude beach or club is: “All the people who shouldn’t be seen nude. “

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  7. Leo

    ….if you are obsessed with nudity and it’s something which is on top of mind. For example people who constantly have to post what they are doing in the nude at that time or the whole body awareness nagging. I could go on and on, but fact of the matter is, we just live (part of) our lives in the buff, doing lots of things other people do with more clothes on. So when I’m mowing the lawn, I’m busy mowing and doing a good job and not thinking about seen by others or sex for that matter. It’s that simple.


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