Black Belt Naturists


Nude Power!

Nude Power!

I have to face it, I’m just a Blue Belt when it comes to my nudity. However, there are some naturists who are Black Belts when it comes to their naturism. How does one get a Black Belt for being a naturist? One or more of the following makes you a naturist Black Belt:

1. Totally open about being a naturist. Everyone knows they’re a naturist. Uses their real name at nudist clubs and online. Gives zero f**ks who knowns they’re a naturist.

2. Has been interviewed in the press about nude recreation. Is a promoter of the naturist lifestyle in the media. Stephane Deschenes, Brian Spence, and Felicity Jones are all well known naturists.

3. Has been to Burning Man, WNBR, Bare to Breakers, or the Fremont Solstice Parade nude for everyone to see. Their photos are plastered all over the internet. Again cares zero f**ks about it. In fact their public nudity gives them empowerment.

4. Participated in nude protests. Protested naked against injustice or protested naked against stupid anti-nudity laws.

These Black Belt naturists are a role model to everyone in the naturist lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “Black Belt Naturists

  1. nudeyman

    I’ve been trying to do 1 & 2…. will have to work on 3 & 4 but, but I am definately not secretive about my Nudism and I have been interviewed a couple of times just they have not gone to air or print…

    I did a radio interview a few years back but the guy who did it resigned before it could go to air and last month I was interviewed for a National newspaper and hopefully it goes to print later this month 🙂

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  3. Plantago

    If there a belt between ‘blue’ and ‘black’ i would probably qualify. I let everyone know that asks (or if the conversation leads down that road), allmy family and friends know and I try to advocate for naturism whenever possible having writing articles for a community newspaper, advertise on social media (including local Facebook buy, sell and advertise page), explain what I am doing to people I meet when & where I go for nude walks on my local beaches…but, I haven’t yet contacted the local press or radio to publish written article or to go on radio…yet! I’m working on those.


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