Nude Photos-The Greater Meaning

During the Labor Day week, many celebrities (like Jennifer Lawrence) had their nude photos leaked on to the Internet

During the Labor Day weekend, many celebrities (like Jennifer Lawrence) had their nude photos leaked on to the Internet

Taking nude photos and sharing them is not just for regular people, but celebrities too.  But the bigger question is why?  As I stated in an earlier post, we have become so disconnected from humanity that nude images have become extraordinary. I think, deep down, people crave nudity.  Sure there is a sexual component, but when people share nude images of themselves, what they’re really saying is “this is me.”

If we all lived in a culture that nudity was normal, no one would care about celebrity nude photos.  Therefore this whole situation really doesn’t matter to me.

The Verge:

“Sending nude selfies is increasingly common behavior”

PS> Please do not share any of these celebrity photos.  They have a right to privacy.  Also, while writing this post, I came across one of these so called “photos” and they’re nothing special. Having been a naturist has made me more aware of all the baggage nudity brings.

3 thoughts on “Nude Photos-The Greater Meaning

  1. jeffhaynes

    This reminds me a bit of a post (I think from you) about drones cruising nude beaches and taking photos. In both cases, there is a clear and awful violation of someone’s privacy. But all of this could become much less of an issue in a world that has a healthy approach regarding the human body and nudity.

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