Image Gender Imbalance


                                                              Different parts, but both human

I received a comment on my post “Why? (A Question for Non-Naturists)” that sparked some thoughts on nude photos and gender:

“Wouldn’t be too bad if it was a man’s penis on show!!! It seems it’s always the women on show, wonder why?! Want to see more naked men please!!” -The Savvy Senorita

At first glance I thought she was talking about my blog.  I try to post equal amounts of nude male photos and female nude photos.  But as I re-read Savvy Senorita’s comments, she was speaking in more general terms.  Why is it we see more female nudity than male nudity in the media?

I could remember a time when you never saw a male fully naked in movies.  Sure, you saw bare buttocks, but never full frontal nudity.  Showing a penis was an automatic X-Rating, even if it was flaccid.  The only nudity that was acceptable was female nudity.  This has evolved over the years, but you still see more female nudity than male nudity in the movies and photography.

But why is this?  The following are some reasons why female nudity is more prevenient:

  1. Men still call the shots.  Sad but true, most of the movie studios are run by men, most of the media companies are run by men, and most of Silicon Valley is run by men.
  2. Women have a long history of being sex objects.  Western culture is based on exploiting women.  Until recently it was acceptable to sexually harass women in the workplace.  It was all right to demean women sexually and still is.
  3. Art has made female nudity more palpable.  Let’s face it, there is more works of art that portray nude females than nude males.

I’m a naturist and I find both male and female nudity to be equally beautiful.  Nothing is more beautiful than another human being.  The reason why things are the way they are is because of antiquated thought processes.  If we’re to grow and evolve, we must set aside our past conditioning and create a new way of thinking.

6 thoughts on “Image Gender Imbalance

  1. Brian Goddard

    your comment is so true. Both bodies are equally beautiful, and until we are all accepted as such I am afraid that this discrimination will continue. A small point is that I can walk around without my top. Can you as a lady??????

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  3. wzrdwizitch

    This is a very interesting question and I have often wondered if the reason is actually biological. Male sexual display is common in the animal kingdom, from the stags antlers to the peacocks tail feather display. Human males have the largest sex organs in relationship to body size of any creature so it seems reasonable to suggest that a large penis is itself the human equivalent of big antlers or bright plumage. I believe there are studies which show that penis size does matter in human sexuality – women shown images of naked men whose genitals have been digitally enlarged tend to rate these pictures as more attractive than the unedited ones.
    I suggest that as human society has developed some cultures have found it politically expedient to conceal the penis so as to ‘even the playing field’. This device would allow men (and importantly, their female companions) to indulge in political status competitions regardless of the size of the man’s willy.. Supporting this idea is the fact that in many cultures the female is the one with the brightest plumage/clothing/make-up perhaps in an effort to divert attention..
    By diverting attention away from male penis size to female attire couples in which the man has a more modest member are able to compete for status more effectively.

    The original post here says that “Men call the shots” and a convincing case can be made to support this idea however I suggest that in a very real way that woman actually call just as many shots only in a more covert manner. Thus we have the saying that behind every strong man is a strong woman. I think it may be truer to say that couples call the shots. It’s in the couples best interest to conceal the size of the man’s genitalia. If he is well endowed then he will attract the interest of other females leading to greater competition. If he is less well endowed this would call his manhood and virility into question as well as the females desirability. So when it comes to tribal politics there is a strategic value in keeping the penis under wraps for any couple seeking to rise in status.

    I’ve often wondered if the traditional vilification of male homosexuality also stems from similar causes.


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