Tumblr Page-Marked as “Adult Content”

My Tumblr page has been marked as “Adult Content” by Tumblr.  Which means you must have a Tumblr account and be logged in order to view my page.  I only post pictures of non-sexual nudity and images that exemplify the naturist lifestyle.  

Killing access to my Tumblr page, only to Tumblr users, hurts non-sexual nudity.  And as I’ve said before, people NEED to see non-sexual nudity.  Making nudity obscene, extra ordinary, or censored causes more harm than good.  Problems with body image, sexual deviancy, and self-esteem can all be traced to people’s issues with nudity.   

Update 8/18/2014:

My Tumblr page is now viewable by those without a Tumblr account.  For about a week I could not see my own Tumblr account without first logging in.  Maybe it was just a glitch.

5 thoughts on “Tumblr Page-Marked as “Adult Content”

  1. Steve Carlson

    It is a symptom of the hyper-puritanical society we are becoming. When Lands’ End included a copy of Gentleman’s Quarterly with recent orders thousands of people went ballistic over the GQ cover that featured a topless woman with only her hair covering her breasts. This was called “soft porn”, “smut” and “filth.” Here in Utah (of course) police were recently called to an outdoor festival where a booth specially set up for breast-feeding mothers to relax while they nursed their children came under attack because it had pictures of women breast feeding. To the police’s credit they found no substance to any of the complaints.

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