How My Blog (Inadvertently) Changed Google for the Better


The main reason I created this blog was to talk about my love of being nude and nude recreation. I wanted to discuss topics within naturism and the nude lifestyle. I especially wanted to focus on the underrepresented naturists of color. However, inadvertently, my blog made a positive impact on Asians and naturism.

It used to be when you Googled “Asian nudist” or “Asian naturist” you got nothing but porn results. There were no resources for someone who was Asian and interested in naturism. In fact, Googling “Asian naturist” was an invitation for some of the worse garbage on the internet. The reader would think naturism equals extreme sexuality.

When I started this blog, I wanted to tell people what naturism meant to me. Naturism is perhaps one of the most important things a person can do to grow psychologically and spiritually. So, I wrote about myself and my experiences.

A few days ago, I Googled “Asian naturist.” I was expecting the same old exploitation of Asian women as exotic sex objects, or the usual porn garbage. What I saw instead was something unexpected. My blog kept coming up as a search result anytime “Asian” and “naturism” was searched together.

Now someone who is Asian and interested in naturism can get a realistic definition of what naturism really is. I’m very happy that my blog made some kind of difference in the internet community.

12 thoughts on “How My Blog (Inadvertently) Changed Google for the Better

  1. nudeyman

    Awesome! that’s what we need to see… more dilution of the nude=sex message which porn propagates.

    I just Googled “Nudeyman” and where previously it brought up porn results etc. the first result is my blog and in fact the first page except for one result is my various activities across Instagram/Twitter etc…. so yes we are making a small difference 🙂


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  3. wzrdwizitch

    I’ve followed many nudist blogs and yours is one of the very few I still follow. Always interesting and thought provoking. Please keep up the good work and know that you are making a positive difference – even as far away as New Zealand! 🙂

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  5. Sven

    Wonderful page so relaxed and natural attitude to nudity. Thankfully, there are sites online that are natural and not the porn sites.
    Wishing you a lovely continuation of the lives and futures of countless delightful moments in the sun in a natural way naked.
    Self 61 year old naked man since childhood was born naked and have always swimming naked since. Married since more than 40 years with a fabulous woman who also bathes naked and enjoying “God’s wonderful swimming costume”


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