Drones Over Nude Beaches-High Tech Gawking

The eye in the sky

The eye in the sky

When I would go to Black’s Beach in La Jolla, California back in the day, there would always be some jackass above the cliffs with either binoculars or a telephoto lens gawking at the nude people below.  Now with technology, these perverts can get up close and personal.  You would never hear them or see them, but they would see “all” of you.

UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.  Some are quite sophisticated, mounted with gimbal stabilizers and HD cameras.  The movie and entertainment industry are already using UAS to take footage that in the past required a helicopter.  Now a hobbyist can purchase a UAS over the internet and be operational within a few hours.

How does this effect naturism?  How would you feel about someone taking your picture without your knowledge or consent? With an old school gawker, you could confront them or see them taking your photo.  Now because of technology, someone could be watching you and you would never know.  The video below is an example of what a UAS can do.


7 thoughts on “Drones Over Nude Beaches-High Tech Gawking

  1. jeffhaynes

    I do understand why it would bother someone to be photographed this way, and I agree it is a violation of personal space and privacy.

    On another level, I have to say that I personally would not care. If images of me sitting on a nude beach started circulating the internet, I wouldn’t feel the need to go into some sort of damage control mode.

    I guess I keep hoping people will lose their hangups about nudity in general, and then all of this becomes a nonissue.

  2. Jim

    Time to bring a wrist rocket to the beach. The FAA needs to extend the minimum altitude these things are allowed to operate at. These are UNMANNED air vehicles flying over people’s heads.

  3. All-Nudist.com

    As jeffhaynes says, it wouldn’t bother us too much to be photographed at a nude venue, but we’re among the lucky few who are in a position of life such that it wouldn’t really be a big deal to have our naked bods splashed over the internet. In fact, that’s already happened, and we did it! No one in OUR lives cares.

    But most folks enjoying nude recreation expect some degree of privacy even at a public beach. Drones could very well make that an impossibility. I suppose that such things as water-blasters, sling shots and paintball guns can’t reasonably be used as anti-aircraft defense… Anti-aircraft-drones? ‘OOPS! So sorry to have crashed my $30 helicopter into your $500 camera drone!’ Cheap helium balloons on tethers, much like WWI barrage balloons? Would be pretty!

    It’s a new world and we just have to deal with it as best we can. No worry; at the rate nude beaches are being closed due to sex intruders, it may not be a problem for long.

  4. pipermac5

    Photographing or videoing nudist without their permission is wrong, because it is voyeurism. If I am asked for permission first, I have no problem with it. Otherwise, I know of a place in your anatomy to stuff your camera or drone.

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  6. Douglas G.P.McCarty

    If some wants to take photos or video of me on a nude beach, this can work 2 ways.let him or her get a taste of it,video them and post it on YouTube i also have a drone,beat the snoops at their own game.


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