Fan Mail

I received this “fan” mail on my About section of my blog.  The comment is so ridiculous that it warrants no reply.  Let the stupidity speak for itself:

You arent a naturist – no American can be – you have so much baggage that you cant escape that as soon as you dare to call yourself a naturist or more likely “nudist” you give yourself away – as you know what – a predictable pervert –

Your blog is perhaps disinfo by someone else the writer is really stupid – and ignorant.

Not to mention patronising (assuming people are as stupid as she is) you understand literally nothing about real naturism and nothing about sexuality – in fact I wonder if the courts werent so overwhelmed if your public writing of such misinformation isnt in some way criminal. -Rebecca

Thank you and keep reading!

2 thoughts on “Fan Mail

  1. Happy Bare

    What!? Dear Rebecca needs to lie down till she feels a bit better. She’s incoherent. She needs to spend some naked time by herself to get back into tune so to speak. maybe she should masturbate a little bit too. It might take some of the edge off.


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