Me, My Dick, and I


You’d think being a naturist would make me immune from being self-conscious about my body.  However, I sometimes suffer the same phobias, anxieties, and distortions about my body as most Americans do.  And like most males, I sometimes worry about the size of one particular body part, my penis.  It may seem silly, but it’s a concern that most men suffer from whether they admit it or not.

Where did this anxiety come from?  I was not taught that the size of my penis mattered.  There was no class in high school that said my penis size equated to how good a person I was, or how much money I would make.  However, I was schooled by society and the media into thinking my penis size defined me as a person.

Millions are spent each year bombarding men with messages that their dick is lacking.  Medications, devices, and painful surgery all promise male enhancement.  Pornography  presents a model of manhood that doesn’t reflect most men.  Add all this to an insecure young man, and you can see how this could affect his body image.

I started to think differently about my body after experimenting with nude recreation.  I remember visiting a nudist club for the first time and being very self-conscious.  I remember undressing and pulling on my penis to make it appear longer. But no one cared, no one stared.  People didn’t judge me by my penis, but by my character.  And I started to see things and people differently, we are not our body parts.

Naturism has taught me a realistic view of my body.  I sometimes fall backward into irrational body image thinking.  But thanks to naturism I know longer care what people think of my penis, and if they judge me by a body part, they aren’t the type of people worth knowing any how.

6 thoughts on “Me, My Dick, and I

  1. aguywithoutboxers

    This is a very honest and insightful post, my naked buddy. Thank you for publishing this. I have just finished a draft on a posting with a similar theme for my site in September of this year! Great minds think alike! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

  2. nudeyman

    Great honest statement about what is for some a “big” issue in the nude lifestyle, I am not particularly well endowed myself but I have never been self conscious about my penis, but I guess that’s because I’ve been going nude since I was 13 mostly by myself but have skinny dipped with mates etc.

    I tell people I’m a “grower not a shower” 😉

  3. Sean

    A very honest and open post. Personally I have never worried about the size of my penis and I am just an average guy I suppose. But if naturism has taught me one thing it’s that no matter what the size and shapes of our bodies and all it’s various bits we are still all the same whilst remaining the individual we are. Naturism is probably the only lifestyle that successfully manages to leave prejudices behind and accept all of us for who we are not what we look like.


  4. magnacartaa22

    well… i think its the media, they tend to present everything in a really sexual way, and so we think that is normal. i believe everyone should try to be naked, to see how it feels not to be judged by how they dress or look


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