Here’s a naturist organization that “gets it”

Naturist Philosopher

The Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN) is the national naturist organization of Canada ? the only one. While browsing around I found an interesting recent statement from the FCN’s President, Karen Grant.

Among other things, the FCN has published a very good quarterly magazine, which has been easily the equal of N from TNS. (AANR publishes a monthly tabloid newspaper, but nothing that would really interest non-member naturists.)

In her statement, Karen Grant raises the possibility of moving their magazine to a digital format. The rationale would be similar to what applies to magazines on almost any topic currently published on paper. For instance: significantly less expense to produce and distribute, ease of access online with personal and/or tablet computers, greatly reduced burden on readers of keeping back issues, and so forth. Many magazines and newspapers that have been around for decades, such as The Christian Science Monitor and Newsweek

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